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Yiyuan Chang is a junior graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. She has experience in the field of graphic design, illustration, and 3D design. She pays attention to the design solution through multimedia projects, appealing to the young audience to pay attention to social problems through design.

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Ricey Defence


This individual project is inspired by my personal experience and own research. It aims to solve the problem of teacup dogs bred by unnatural means in the Chinese pet market, educating young audiences (under 12) who prefer specially bred teacup dogs about their congenital diseases to reduce the market demand for these dogs.

Ricey DefenceRicey Defence



LOFY is a lifestyle-sharing platform that focuses on bringing the local community together. The website allows users and social influencers to post and share product reviews, travel blogs, and lifestyle stories via short videos and photos.


Pet adoption booklet


This project aims to increase the adoption rate in Toronto, which is a booklet including the entire adoption process. To enhance readers’ reading interest, this booklet is a storytelling form from the perspective of a dog and two cats from the Toronto Pet Shelter. The knowledge of pet raising is interspersed in the story.

Pet adoption bookletPet adoption booklet