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Package Design

I'm Xiaoxuan Liu, a Toronto-based designer with a specialization in brand identity design. I love creating interesting patterns based on translating languages into colours and emotions :)

About my object

(☞˘◡˘)☞ Did you drink enough water today?


Moon Mode


The project is to design at least one main package and four or more small packets of the same or various sizes, shapes, and forms as package components while considering the environmental-friendly issue and accessibility for the physically challenged and the aging population.

Moon ModeMoon Mode

Hilary MacMillan


The project task is to redesign a visual identity system for Hilary MacMillan, an existed womenswear brand. The objective is to eliminate the unconformity between the organization's current visual identity and its mission, values, and products, which allows the organization to stand up in its category or competitor.

Hilary MacMillanHilary MacMillan

Tear Diary


To gain emotional support and self-improvement, design a pop-up diary for users to record their crying experiences by writing and wiping off their teardrops with pop-up pieces.

Tear DiaryTear Diary