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Time-Based Communication 2

Tristan is a designer with a focus on time-based and editorial design. Fascinated by the process of developing an idea across a number of pages or period of time, he wants to use his design skills to take larger topics and break them down in a more consumable experience.

About my object

The glow of a lamp accompanies many busy nights of work. It is a reliable supporter and something I want to be for others.


Have You Heard?


This is a trailer for the first volume of a book series called Bakemonogatari by Nisioisin. A character driven story about the supernatural in modern day Japan gets introduced and teased in the trailer as a rumour spreads in the classroom about a crab spirit.

Have You Heard?Have You Heard?

Mental Health Connections


This is a mental health book designed to shift perspectives on mental health away from our typical medical model framework that focuses on individual betterment and curative thinking. In my interactive workbook, I encourage the idea of participation and community engagement through both exposition and activity based learning in order to promote the social model.

Mental Health ConnectionsMental Health Connections



A proof of concept issue for a magazine I created, Soundtest is a collection of stories and spotlights on the gaming industry’s music and the people that compose and perform it. I wanted to create a space where gamers can share their love of music in the niche subsection that is video game music.