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Low-Poly Hand
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Object Sans
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Hi there, I’m Theo, a creative constantly venturing the crossroads of design and development. I've always found myself mesmerized by how designs can be represented in code—a completely different medium—so faithfully. Through this fascination, I've strived to be both a designer and developer, in the hope of helping and inspiring many people to realize their interactive vision.

About my object

When we had to pick an object for the GradEx, I didn't really have any in mind. Then I remembered messing around with the 3D feature in Photoshop in high school, and this low-poly hand was part of it. I just felt that it just happened to fit me as a person, in that I use my hands to make things as a designer and the low-polygonal/technological aspect links to my developer side.




A clean interaction project born out of the necessity to eliminate clutter, chì is a stationery site that sells exclusive mechanical pencils. The pages features a clean, sleek and more modern design which adapts beautifully to whichever screen you use.