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Communication Design

Hello! My name is Tatiana Moreira. I enjoy working in branding the most, with interests in packaging, communications and editorial as well. I hope to move forward with my career in a way that allows me to flourish as a designer while always fuelling my need for creativity through the ever changing and constantly moving world of design.

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On my free time, I enjoy reading and writing novels! Having a hobby separate from your passion is crucial to keeping up a good performance and I find reading to be enjoyable and freeing!


Versus Design Learning Strategies


Versus is a free hub of design information, where designers can gain knowledge on any design topic. Through the filtered article system, viewers can find the perfect article based on their design needs. Each article is formatted to teach viewers through a comparison style. For example, Photoshop VS. Lightroom.

Versus Design Learning StrategiesVersus Design Learning Strategies

Carnival Festival Promotions


The branding of the Carnival 2021 festival includes the promotional Poster, Event Program, and Event E-Ticket. All these promotional materials showcase a similar style to create a look for cohesiveness throughout.​Using a popular accessory from the festival such as the mask helps tie the festival to the promotional materials.

Carnival Festival PromotionsCarnival Festival Promotions

The Price of Pink


Pink tax is a large societal issue that deals with companies upcharging more for female specific products than they would with the male counterparts of the same product.​This E-Publication was created to highlight specific facts based on Pink Tax, Interactive elements and infographics were included to create it.

The Price of PinkThe Price of Pink