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Lemon Milk
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Book Design

Hey! I’m Tasneem, a graphic designer based in Mississauga with a passion for illustration. YSDN has taught me many useful skills like problem solving, visual communication, and collaborating with teamwork. I think the best part about being a designer is seeing the process of an idea come to life. :)

About my object

I think a key carries a great symbolic meaning. Despite being a small object, it has the power to open big doors. Sometimes we look down on and doubt ourselves but fail to realize that we have great potential.


Ilham Magazine


Ilham magazine aims to inspire women who value their modest lifestyle to participate with current fashion trends in the western world. It encourages Muslim women to experiment and not shy away from fashion trends. Blending modesty with current fashion trends will allow them to get creative in their own style.

Ilham MagazineIlham Magazine

The Bright Light


The Bright Light showcases different scenarios where things may seem dull or mundane. Then there is a switch in mood. Sometimes a simple gesture of kindness can brighten someone’s day in a snap. I wanted to make the layout as minimal as possible, portraying the idea directly without interruptions.

The Bright LightThe Bright Light