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I’m a pun/wordplay enthusiast, storyteller, curious learner, creative spirit, and troubleshooter. I aspire to solve problems and create more empathetic, immersive, and intuitive interactions through UI/UX design, exhibit design, and research design with the intent of creating an innovative future.

About my object

Similar to an alarm clock, I'm reliable and a little old school in a quirky way. When the time is right and within a second, I will be loud about my opinions, assertive, impactful and quippy.


Toronto Botanical Garden Brand Redesign


My concept for the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) brand identity redesign was to emphasize the TBG’s mission, “to connect people to plants, inspiring us to live in harmony with nature,” and re-align their identity and goals to reflect a delightful, down-to-earth, friendly and humanitarian relationship with the community.

Toronto Botanical Garden Brand RedesignToronto Botanical Garden Brand Redesign

Toronto Botanical Garden Interactive Exhibit


As part of my redesign for the Toronto Botanical Garden concept, I conceptualized a permanent interactive exhibit within the gardens. This acts as a free and accessible learning resource to cultivate interest in horticulture, be a learning resource, and generate more visitors.

Toronto Botanical Garden Interactive ExhibitToronto Botanical Garden Interactive Exhibit

I [blank] you with all my heart


This digital anthology explores untraditional nuanced expressions of love within Canadian-Asian families told through concrete poetry. It aims to inspire readers to be more aware of the nuanced love expressions in their lives through relating to these stories. The concrete poetry can be sent to loved ones as digital postcards.

I [blank] you with all my heartI [blank] you with all my heart