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Hello! I'm Phoebe, a multidisciplinary designer that has a strong interest in brand identities, editorial design, and photography with a specific interest in the area of art direction. My work often displays a combination of traditional and contemporary forms in bicultural creative contexts, telling stories that cross cultural borders.

About my object

Soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) used to give me first degree burns whenever I ate them, but now I know how to enjoy them without burning my lips. They are amazing! I grew up eating Xiao Long Baos on Sundays and this food is associated with comfort and family time to me, which I hold very close to my heart.


Time Machine


Time Machine is a mixed-media short film and a product of my thesis research question: What role does nostalgia about home play in the identity formation of the Second-generation Chinese diaspora bicultural community in Canada?

Time MachineTime Machine

Yut Ka Yan: 一家人


Yut Ka Yan: 一家人, meaning one family, is an art collective designed for my future kids. The book acts as a photo album, sharing stories about food, culture, family history, and my life in Hong Kong.

Yut Ka Yan: 一家人Yut Ka Yan: 一家人