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Moka Pot
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Ribaasu by TienMin Liao
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Book Design with Reg!

Hey, I’m Molly! Interested in evolving my craft through both rigorous collaboration and playful experimentation, I'm often found working at the intersection of the bizarre and the practical. A robust knowledge of cultural studies informs my work, and I’m a firm believer in design’s ability to provide agency and empowerment.

About my object

Moka Pots are both practical and beautiful. Also, they make coffee, which is very important.




Informed by research into habit formation and behavioural science, Cue is a smart object designed to help users build sustainable, emotionally fulfilling routines through its app-based contextual reminder system. Pleasant to interact with and discrete in its prompts, Cue helps take the stress out of building new habits.


Enkin / Neither Here Nor There


Enkin / Neither Here Nor There is a collection of essays, interviews, and anecdotes based on a decade of studying and speaking Japanese. Conceived of as a two-part collection in English and Japanese, the total work reflects on the nature of the persona and how it changes between languages.

Enkin / Neither Here Nor ThereEnkin / Neither Here Nor There

Matsuri Plum Liqueur


Matsuri is an Umeshu set that serves as an excellent introduction to an iconic summer drink. Featuring small-batch Ontario Ume plum liqueur, the set includes a cocktail kit and recipe cards in a beautiful and ergonomic container, making it the perfect gift to enjoy all the flavours of the season.

Matsuri Plum LiqueurMatsuri Plum Liqueur