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Critical Issues in Design

I’m a naturally curious person, I love puzzles, and I need to solve problems. I leveragemy exploratory nature and curiosity to bring new insights and perspectives to designprojects.I enjoy working on projects in teams of people with diverse specializations and try to figure out how to use concepts from across different disciplines.

About my object

Design is a broadly defined term, and in that regard everyone is, can be, or at somepoint has been engaged with the activity of designing. In the broad landscapedesign, I see my role as one of a mediator between tools, and the people that usethem. I chose the wrench partly in reference to my understanding of mechanical engineering, and how it has informed my design approach.


Glacier — A tool for adults with ADHD


I used this project as an exploration in conducting and implementing design research to work towards creating a tool for people with ADHD. Most productivity tools I’ve found on the market today address the needs of the common person (as I believe they should), but I wasn’t able to find a single tool designed for the needs of adults with adhd.

Glacier — A tool for adults with ADHDGlacier — A tool for adults with ADHD

Algos Serif — Bending typedesign


I have always loved typography and type design. This was a concept I had in my mind for a while, and I was excited to get the opportunity to work on it under the guidance of my professor in YSDN (thank you Zab Hobart!). I wanted to make a serif typeface that could be cut up to have different height variations (also partly inspired by Berton Kramer.

Algos Serif — Bending typedesignAlgos Serif — Bending typedesign

Bic Rebrand


I love good stationary, but by far, the most reliable pen I've used is the Bic Crystal. I loved having the opportunity to "refine" a logotype that I've always associated with quality products. I aimed to address some aspects of BiC's 2022 Horizons strategy, where they aim to shift from manufacture focus model to a consumer value focus model.

Bic RebrandBic Rebrand