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Heya! I'm Lucas, a Toronto-based designer with a love for research, information systems, and interaction. I've spent the last four years at YSDN working with my peers to break down complex subjects into easy-to-follow user experiences, information designs, and products.

About my object

At heart, I'm an urbanist, and will seize on any opportunity to talk about urban design and policy. I love exploring on my bicycle, and wanted to reflect that passion in my object.


Have Your Say


Have Your Say is a proof-of-concept, easy-to-use web platform that aggregates new developments, projects, community consultations, and engagement resources in the City of Toronto—making it easier for residents to inform themselves and voice their opinions about the changes being made to their neighbourhood.

Have Your SayHave Your Say

The Brewery Market


The Brewery Market is my rebrand of a family-friendly beer festival in Ottawa. Inspired by abstract sidewalk chalk art, the identity refocuses the festival’s visual identity around its playfulness, all-ages and community-
oriented energy, reflecting both the park itself and the families who attend.

The Brewery MarketThe Brewery Market

Faux Parks


Faux Parks is a semester-long research and design project focused on breaking down a complex topic into visually rich storytelling.I developed a thorough research document, a 25-page publication and a web prototype looking at the curious nature of publicly accessible private spaces in the City of Toronto.

Faux ParksFaux Parks