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Hi, I'm Kacey — a designer focusing on brand identity, communication design, and visual design to tell compelling stories to people and create emotional engagement. Curiosity, passion, and the desire to learn drive me each day!

About my object

I chose a ribbon as my 3D object to symbolize joy and happiness. When people unravel the ribbon on a present, it sparks feelings of excitement and happiness. Therefore, I hope to evoke those emotions in people with the designs that I create!


Toronto Arts Council


The Toronto Arts Council (TAC) supports artists and arts organizations by providing responsive and innovative granting programs. The goal was to redesign the visual identity to communicate the brand mission and embody the brand spirit through its design. And create a solid, cohesive, and flexible system that works in a wide range of touchpoints.

Toronto Arts CouncilToronto Arts Council

Toronto Light Festival


The Toronto Light Festival exhibits light installations by local and international light artists. The inspiration for the visual language comes from the various shapes and elements of the physical light installations and their blurred lights, represented by the gradient circle with a gaussian effect.

Toronto Light FestivalToronto Light Festival