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Communication Design

Hi, my name is izzy! I am in love with typography and communication design is my best friend. I am from New Jersey and currently live in Toronto. I interned at Pentagram last summer, which has made me grow personally and in my work. My designs are driven by problem solving and storytelling. I strive to have fun with my work and to always keep learning.

About my object


A Conversation


A conversation depicts an internal and external struggle with depression, as well as, a deeply rooted stigma against mental health issues.

A ConversationA Conversation

Carnaval Identity poster and booklet


I designed a poster identity for Rio’s Carnaval. Many know of Carnaval as a giant party. But Carnaval was once, and for a long time, an act of rebellion. It was Rio’s way to speak out against colonialism as well as the oppressive monarchies.In this piece I tried to play with the ‘theory of wrong’, which was a lot of fun!

Carnaval Identity poster and bookletCarnaval Identity poster and booklet

Toronto Arts Council Identity


The TAC (Toronto Arts Council) is a non profit organization that funds a variety of artists and art organizations. I've redesigned their identity to visually represent their being a platform for artists.

Toronto Arts Council IdentityToronto Arts Council Identity