Hayoung Na



Favourite Typeface
League Mono
Favourite COURSE
YSDN4004 Design Workshop

Hi there! My name is Hayoung Na and I am a Korean-Canadian designer based in Toronto, Ontario. In every project, I carry an objective of achieving surreal visual experiences using the invaluable skills I learned at YSDN. With a passion for storytelling, I have a continued interest in creating visual narratives through means of illustration, graphic design, and visual art.

About my object

I chose a pearl to represent myself as the formation process of this object greatly resembles my own design journey.


Forging Identity


Forging Identity is an immersive online experience centred around a series of looping video sequences which display the negative effects of code-switching. Composed together with symbolic imagery and a nostalgic-futurism aesthetic, Forging Identity is a research project focused on conveying negative experiences brought by code-switching to the audience through visual language.

Forging IdentityForging Identity

Sealed In Amber


Part of the entomology magazine series, “Sealed in Amber” is a collection of anonymous stories about living through a pandemic. Combining rough texture and digital illustrations, this magazine aims to convey the emotions within each story being told. The narratives contained within are told in the perspective of bugs, trapped together inside a global pandemic.

Sealed In AmberSealed In Amber

Jeju Jewels Collection by Samdado


The “Jeju Jewels Collection” is a skincare series by the brand Samdado. Each product contains natural ingredients native to Jejudo island located in South Korea, and can be purchased at the airport as a duty-free souvenir. Samdado aims to regenerate the package design of skincare products by combining elements of nature and Korean tradition into a compelling modern aesthetic.

Jeju Jewels Collection by SamdadoJeju Jewels Collection by Samdado