Felicia Guan



Low-Poly Heart
Favourite Typeface
Public Sans
Favourite COURSE
User Centred Design

I am a multidisciplinary designer who is committed to transforming human experiences into effective and purposeful designs. As I continue to grow as a designer, I will be looking forward to expanding my knowledge outside of design. I would like to explore unfamiliar territories and dive into different facets of the world.

About my object

I really like the look of low poly graphics, and hearts are cute! <3


Zara's Virtual Stylist


Zara’s Virtual Stylist platform is set to transform & replicate the in-store shopping experience that online shopping is lacking. Using AR technology, the Virtual Stylist would like to help users visualize outfits online, as well as, provide a form of assistance when needed.

Zara's Virtual StylistZara's Virtual Stylist