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Hey 👋 I’m Farah, a to-do list lover and photography enthusiast carving my way as a brand and UX/UI designer. Graduating with a bachelor of design while starting a small design business, one thing is guaranteed; I’m a self-motivated creative, who stays on top of things and isn’t afraid to ask questions.

About my object

If you know me, you know I’m a baking and food photography lover. As a designer, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with many food related brands. I’m also all about spreading a little bit of kindness to the world. To me, a cupcake pays homage to all these things.


School of Artisan Food


Students were asked to choose an institution to create a new corporate identity and guideline document for over 12 weeks. I chose the School of Artisan Food, a non-profit culinary institution, located in North Nottinghamshire, England. This served as a great opportunity to explore the world of corporate identity design.

School of Artisan FoodSchool of Artisan Food

Palestine Food Capsule


Palestine Food Capsule is a food centered online community created by Palestinians, for Palestinians. This platform nurtures community building amongst Palestinians and is a place for Palestinian voices. Additionally, it’s a digital archive for Palestinian recipes and stories to live on as an act of resistance.

Palestine Food CapsulePalestine Food Capsule

Sweet Cravings


Sweet Cravings is a dessert cookbook designed, developed, written, photographed and printed by me. It encapsulates my love for baking and book design, as well as my journey into recipe development and food photography, which catapulted during the pandemic. Photographed is the printed book perfect bound, with a glossy hardcover.

Sweet CravingsSweet Cravings