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Communication Design 2

I aspire to create unique works of brand identity, packaging and editorial design to keep up with our ever-changing world. We are constantly surrounded by visuals, so I believe it is important to make thoughtful decisions to result in compelling pieces of design.

About my object

In elementary school I did a science project on the turtle, and since then have continued being a fan. I started a turtle figurine collection and got family and friends to bring me unique ones from vacations, which has now grown to over 100!


Meadowlark Nature Festival


Redesign the visual identity for the Meadowlark Nature Festival to be more attractive to prospective attendees and the target demographic of nature lovers and families. Include a logo, poster, program booklet, digital ticket, website, and relevant merchandise. The concept should be scalable and applicable in various environments.

Meadowlark Nature FestivalMeadowlark Nature Festival

Censored Nail Polish


Censored Nail Polish, a new brand aiming to be gender neutral and encourage personal expression without societal scrutiny. Takes inspiration from streetwear, geometry, and op art. Marketed towards younger generations (Gen X & Z).

Censored Nail PolishCensored Nail Polish

Custom Font: Bivan


An extended sans serif display font with twenty-six upper-case and twenty-six lower-case Latin letters, as well as a collection of symbols. This font is inspired by retro technology, with elongated, square-based characters. It is bold and uses a higher level of stroke contrast for more visual complexity and personality.

Custom Font: BivanCustom Font: Bivan