Emily Renée Da Costa
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Emily Renée

Da Costa

Paper Plane
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Gotham HTF
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Advanced Packaging

Emily Renée Da Costa is a Toronto-based designer, artist, and aspiring creative director, who specializes in brand identity, packaging and editorial design. She is a yogi tea enthusiast plant mother who grew up on classic rock and anything everything 80s. She strives to create and make the world around her beautiful.

About my object

The paper plane represents my love for travel as well as design. It represents the ideas of creativity, desire, prototyping, and optimism. All these characteristics are those that I use within my every day life and throughout my design practice. Taking the symbolic meaning and applying it my approach along with the general concept of a plane being associated with travel.


Metanoia; Mindful practice for everyday life


Metanoia is a community that promotes mindfulness through various practices and needs. Encouraging all individuals to practice daily mindfulness. Designed as a tool to help individuals to progress and practice meaningful movement that leads towards mindfulness with the support of breathwork, reflection and affirmations.

Metanoia; Mindful practice for everyday lifeMetanoia; Mindful practice for everyday life



Rallie was designed to expresses the unique characteristics the package contains, with the intention of aiding in accessibilities individuals may face that are difficult. Through modern design and bright bold colours, Rallie focuses on the simple moments in life like sharing a drink with a friend, celebrating little and big wins and coming together to connect with loved one.




Aelia is customer usage multipurpose packaging design. Focusing on creating a second life for packaging after purchase, the packaging acts as a sunglass holder and display. This allows for sunglasses to be protected and shown to users. I wanted to develop an alternate design solution to how sunglasses are presented and how the packaging can provide a second use to the product.