Dylan Lorriman



Favourite Typeface
Avenir Next (Black)
Favourite COURSE

My name is Dylan Lorriman, I’m a Toronto based graphic designer. I’m adamant about creating work that is or appears tangible. I’ve worked alongside musicians, creative directing their visuals. I’m managing my own brand “Couch Apparel”, operating social media, website and developing clothing designs. I’m currently experimenting with photography, screen printing and videography.

About my object

Couch is the name of my brand which I have created. As a result of this, a couch is a physical representation of my dedication to following my dreams and a reminder to never give up, that anything is possible but still make time to relax and have fun.


Sonic Youth


Sonic Youth is an homage to a DJing duo that my dad and his friend formed during high school. Allowing those who are young to reflect on their present life, while allowing older generations to reflect on their past and what youth meant to them.

Sonic YouthSonic Youth

Null Verve: Short Film/Countdown


A short film/10 second countdown that is inspired by forensic photography and the art of storytelling. When arriving at a crime scene there is a lot to unpack as to what happened previously. Therefore, I took the perspective of the killer to tell the story to allow the audience to receive a backstory to the countdown.

Null Verve: Short Film/CountdownNull Verve: Short Film/Countdown

Dear Mom: Type Design


I created a typeface for a short film that touches on various topics and moods. The director felt as if there were very few typefaces that could be used for more than one visual atmosphere. Therefore, I created a typeface titled “Alter Ego” that can work in a variety of scenarios depending on the imagery and/or colours.

Dear Mom: Type DesignDear Mom: Type Design