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Chess Queen
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Recoleta by Latinotype
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Hi, I'm Daye (pronounced as thai-yeah), a Toronto-based multidisciplinary designer focusing on branding and communication design. I’m always intrigued by people’s different stories and diversity, and enjoy creating unique design solutions that truly speak to people. I am thrilled to have more intriguing experiences in this field ahead of me.

About my object

I chose the chess queen as my object because it is associated with confidence; confidence is what I want to embrace more as a designer.


Murchie's Rebranding


Murchie's is a Canadian teahouse, proud of its long history and its British Columbian roots. It has been providing its products for various occasions from local and national events to royal milestones. Rebranding Murchie's aims to create consistency throughout its visual identity and represent its quality brand values more explicitly.

Murchie's RebrandingMurchie's Rebranding

Design for Women


The Miss Dior Exhibition was held to look back at the history of the company and remember the founder. The new concept, Design for Women, ​​inspired by Christian Dior’s perspective that perfume is more than a pleasing scent for a woman, aims to better convey the purpose of the exhibition.

Design for WomenDesign for Women

Meiji X Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Meiji is a large Japanese snack company that exports internationally. This hypothetical campaign would have Meiji sponsoring the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The campaign's goal is to promote Meiji and increase global interest in the Japanese language by using simple words on Meiji's product packaging.

Meiji X Tokyo 2020 OlympicsMeiji X Tokyo 2020 Olympics