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I’m Christy Tsang, a graphic designer, illustrator, and storyteller. I work in both Toronto and Hong Kong. As a graphic designer, I love exploring different mediums and techniques to express the message and feeling needed for the project. I am focusing on communication design, visual identity, editorial design, and typography.

About my object

My favourite toy as a child was a bunny plush that I would carry everywhere I went. This explains why I like bunnies and rabbits so much. Choosing a bunny plush as my 3D object expresses my desire to design for younger audiences and find ways to help future generations.


Be Safe Out There


Be Safe Out There is a virtual workshop for tweens (children aged 8-12) to learn about the positive and negative aspects of social media. Educating tweens about how to protect themselves on social media platforms when they become teenagers. Participants will receive a kit about social media after completion.

Be Safe Out ThereBe Safe Out There

Fly Me to the Moon


A handwritten and expressive typography spread based on the lyrics of the song, Fly Me to the Moon (cover) by The Macarons Project. Taking inspiration from the original song and the cover, I have expressed the euphoric, romantic and sweet feeling of being in love in the spreads.

Fly Me to the MoonFly Me to the Moon

Hong Kong Science Museum Rebrand


The new corporate identity of the Hong Kong Science Museum highlights their mission of promoting science, technology, and astronomy to students and the general public in Hong Kong, as well as their vision to attract patrons and visitors from Mainland China and overseas.

Hong Kong Science Museum RebrandHong Kong Science Museum Rebrand