Carrie Pakulat



Favourite Typeface
Cormorant Garamond
Favourite COURSE
Corporate Identity Design

Hi, I’m Carrie - I'm passionate about design research and ideation. Coming up with creative solutions for complex problems and using design to solve them. At the start of a project, you’ll find me immersed in learning about the culture behind a brand; researching and implementing ideas and making the brainstorming stage fun and engaging!

About my object

I selected a star for my 3D object because it can be easy to get negative in our heads sometimes but when you try to look on the bright side of any situation, you can usually find a way to learn from it. I always think about that when I look at a starry sky, trying to shine from the inside out!


Corporate Identity Redesign


For this project I worked on a holistic branding redesign for the retail boutique The Art of Home. I aimed to create a strong and cohesive identity system that translated on all platforms, both digitally and in the physical store. The brand essence was elegant, approachable and whimsical. I made sure that was evident in the colours and typography I used and implemented.

Corporate Identity RedesignCorporate Identity Redesign

The Transformation to Adulthood


My topic of research for Workshop this year was looking at how identity shifts and grows from adolescence to adulthood and noting the memories that come up along the way. I then worked to connect those memories and feeling into tactile textures for a visual representation. This led me to creating a large-scale painting and accompanying annotated legend.

The Transformation to AdulthoodThe Transformation to Adulthood

Femmebought - Fuel Your Passion Event Brochure


This was a hypothetical event brochure for a bilingual event. I used typography, abstract shapes and bright colours to create imagery and convey the brand story. I also tested different grid layouts and compositions. This was a really fun project from our Type 3 course!

Femmebought - Fuel Your Passion Event BrochureFemmebought - Fuel Your Passion Event Brochure