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Carla Jacobs is an interdisciplinary designer with a focus in package design, printmaking, illustration, and research design. This summer she will be participating in a design research project in Toronto, after which she will be pursuing a Masters in Marketing to further her dream of working in research in the Fall.

About my object

Yarn represents some of my earliest memories of creating. To me, it is a symbol not just of the beginning of my own journey with discovering my creative path, but also of the excitement of starting a new project. It’s about enjoying the process, not just about making it to the end goal.


Smile Denture Cleaner


Smile Denture Cleaner aims to make denture packaging more accessible, both in terms of physical access and visual standards, whilst also being visually appealing.

Smile Denture CleanerSmile Denture Cleaner

Found Words


Found Words is a chapbook consisting of original blackout poetry that was written, photographed, edited and composed by me. This booklet was created for Book Design (YSDN 4005), and consists of 13 poems reflecting on the concepts of love, loss, and living as I see them at this exciting, scary moment in my life.

Found WordsFound Words