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Information Narratives and Sequences

Hi, I'm Brandon ! I'm a multi-disciplinary designer currently in my fourth year at the York/Sheridan design program. Driven by empathy, I strive to use design as a medium to deliver creative stories, meaningful solutions, and informative material.

About my object

Paper Lanterns are used to celebrate occasions of joy and harmony and there is nothing better than celebrating the end my university experience.I chose it to be purple because, purple is obviously the greatest colour ever. :)


Birds and Bees


Birds and Bees is a zine directed for teens as there is a lack of sufficient learning with the sexual education system. Bird and Bees creates a new narrative, rethinking sexual education and how it is being delivered to youth in schools (exploration outside of school).

Birds and BeesBirds and Bees

Museum of Nature


Museum of Nature, is a new visual identity for one of Canada's National Museums. It carries on the establishments core values, while creating a new modern and minimalist approach to a somewhat dated brand.

Museum of NatureMuseum of Nature