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Benya is a visual designer fascinated by the conventions we adopt in our interactions with the digital and physical world. Merging craft practices with design, she explores ways of representing these everyday moments and gestures in the material world, taking a conceptual and experimental approach to expression.

About my object

Fish are the thing I doodle in the margins of papers!


The Cloak of Anonymity


The Cloak of Anonymity is the third instalment of a larger thesis project titled Archaeology of the Internet. It is a wearable patchwork quilt made up of archived anonymous posts from the now deleted Craigslist Personals, the dating portion of Craigslist that was shut down in 2018 following the FOSTA-SESTA bills against online sex trafficking.

The Cloak of AnonymityThe Cloak of Anonymity

The Anti-Travel Travel Guide


Discover some of the world's most popular attractions without the queues, travel times, luggage, or expenses. In fact, why go at all? Sourcing only one and two star reviews from TripAdvisor, this travel guide reassures people that the vacation they missed wouldn't have been fun anyway.

The Anti-Travel Travel GuideThe Anti-Travel Travel Guide

Field Notes: MySpace


Field Notes: MySpace is the first instalment of the thesis project Archaeology of the Internet. Between 2005-2009, MySpace was the world's biggest social network before being overtaken by Facebook. This field notes style exploration compiles digital artefacts and interviews with past MySpace users to piece together how being on MySpace in its heyday might have been.

Field Notes: MySpaceField Notes: MySpace