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Cowboy Hat
Favourite Typeface
Lille Snemand
Favourite COURSE
Corporate Identity

Art and design has influenced Bailey Paniszczyn's life in many amazing ways. It is truly Bailey's passion, and she is so excited to see where design takes her on this next chapter of life. The challenge and process of branding, packaging and editorial design inspire Bailey to never stop learning and building her skills.

About my object

I wanted to choose a 3D object that related to my upbringing and given my southern upbringing, I felt a pink cowboy hat hit all the marks that show my personality and roots.


Rocky Mountain


Inspired by Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, Rocky Mountain has been developing high performance mountain bikes since 1981. Because of my love of the outdoors and outdoor activities, I chose Rocky Mountain to rebrand for my Corporate Identity class. I created a wide variety of refreshed elements to spruce up Rocky Mountain's brand identity.

Rocky MountainRocky Mountain

Hunni Bunni


Hunni Bunni is a fully vegan, monthly subscription service which provides subscribers with a makeup bag of five cosmetics samples. The products include skincare items, perfumes, nail and skin products, and makeup based upon users’ preferences. Hunni Bunni's main goal is to advocate animal rights and to foster vegan living.

Hunni BunniHunni Bunni

ShutterFest Film Festival


ShutterFest is an annual premiere photography conference. When creating the event pamphlet, film photography elements are used heavily to create a greater connect with the artistic primary audience when designed. This pamphlet includes information on guest speakers and scheduling. Imagery helps the audience see what kind of learning experience to expect throughout each event.

ShutterFest Film FestivalShutterFest Film Festival