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Eastern Dragon
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Book Design

Hi there! I’m Andrew Pan, a multi-disciplinary artist and designer from Toronto. My design work specializes in stylized visuals, often with an emphasis on illustration and/or typography. When it comes to design work, I aim to collaborate with others to create products that are engaging and experimental.

About my object

As a Chinese-Canadian, my heritage has always been a big part of my life. In recent years my design work has been aimed at exploring my heritage and identity, so I chose an object that is representative of myself and my work.


AIYAH Magazine


AIYAH Magazine is a culture magazine focusing on East-Asian identity in Canada. Addressing a lack of Asian representation in western media, AIYAH aims to create a safe space for creatives to tell their stories and express themselves. Special thanks to Emma Baliat and Claire Tam.

AIYAH MagazineAIYAH Magazine

TCAF 2022 Festival Identity


Extending design systems over multiple applications and ephemera, this project involved concepts of what a future version of Toronto's TCAF festival could look like. The main goal of this identity was to capture the playful and wondrous feeling of stepping into the worlds of comic arts.

TCAF 2022 Festival IdentityTCAF 2022 Festival Identity

Protests: What Moves the Needle?


As trends of protest occurrences continue to increase worldwide, “Protests: What Moves the Needle?” examines various protests in-depth. Discussing social issues through the years, this project spotlights global successes in movements. Through exploring an illustrated environment, viewers can learn more about causes and how to demonstrate safely.

Protests: What Moves the Needle?Protests: What Moves the Needle?