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Hello! I'm Adele! I am a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I am interested in working with information design, communication design, branding and illustrations. I believe a successful designer creates interesting work that is problem-solving, inspiring and beneficial to the audiences.

About my object

Takoyaki is one of my favourite foods! It's always a surprise when you bite into it; savoury and creamy with crunchiness from the octopus to form an amazing dish! Like Takoyaki, life is all about surprises and unexpectedness that inspire and build who I am as a designer.


Endangered Species


Endangered Species is an editorial and informational designed booklet that focuses on one of the big main global issues of species threatened with extinction. Through research and analysis, this project uses storytelling, visuals and illustration to engage and raise audience awareness in a fun and educational way.

Endangered SpeciesEndangered Species

Re-Design Textbook


This project is an editorial and informational redesign textbook chapter from an online source, Openstax - Biology 2e. In an attempt to create an illustrative and authentic textbook that is easier to understand, engaging and interesting. With the support of in-depth research on related topics, layout and illustrations.

Re-Design TextbookRe-Design Textbook